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Situation on access to essential medicines in the context of Thai UHC

dc.contributor.authorWalaiporn Patcharanarumolth_TH
dc.contributor.authorวลัยพร พัชรนฤมลth_TH
dc.contributor.authorNoppakun Thammatachareeth_TH
dc.contributor.authorนพคุณ ธรรมธัชอารีth_TH
dc.contributor.authorSomying Pumthongth_TH
dc.contributor.authorสมหญิง พุ่มทองth_TH
dc.description.abstractSituation on access to essential medicine in Thailand by Walaiporn Patcharanarumol, Noppakun Thammatacharee and Somying Pumthong in Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2020 side meeting; Ensuring effective access to essential medicines in Thai UHC. 29th January 2020, World Ballroom A, 23rd Floor, The Centara Grand Bangkok Convention Centre, Thailand.th_TH
dc.description.sponsorshipHealth Systems Research Instituteth_TH
dc.publisherHealth Systems Research Instituteth_TH
dc.rightsHealth Systems Research Instituteth_TH
dc.subjectMedical policyth_TH
dc.subjectUniversal Health Coverageth_TH
dc.subjectUniversal Health Coverageth_TH
dc.subjectDrug--organization and administrationth_TH
dc.titleSituation on access to essential medicine in Thailandth_TH
dc.title.alternativeSituation on access to essential medicines in the context of Thai UHCth_TH
dc.subject.keywordDrug systemsth_TH
.custom.citationWalaiporn Patcharanarumol, วลัยพร พัชรนฤมล, Noppakun Thammatacharee, นพคุณ ธรรมธัชอารี, Somying Pumthong and สมหญิง พุ่มทอง. "Situation on access to essential medicine in Thailand." 2020. <a href=""></a>.

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