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Public health services policy analysis and development of decentralization of administration to provincial and local governments in Thailand

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dc.description.abstract The project on public health services policy analysis and development of decentralization of administration to provincial and local governments in ThailandThe civil service system is an important mechanism for national development. The extent to which the policies and effectively implemented very much depends on the capacity of the civil service system. Under the prevailing changes in the globalization era, the organizations in the civil service system need to be increasingly responsive to the problems and needs of the people. The people now have a greater role in administering development and the government mechanisms are now more closely monitored and evaluated by the public. The civil service system therefore needs to adjust itself in order to at least maintain the status quo. Of particular concern is the downsizing of the civil service, decentralization including having the private sector take part in the administration. The 8th National Economic and Social Development Plan (1997-2001) has the following strategics for development: Development of human capacity Development of the social environment Promotion of regional and rural development to elevate the quality of life of the people Improvement of economic potential to facilitate human development and quality of lifeManagement of natural resources and environment Development of civil society by improving the capacity of the state and encouraging full public participation in the civil activities Management of the implementation of the development plan. The 8th National Development Plan focuses on human resources development which is people-centred. The attempt is also to improve public administration especially the changing of the civil service system from control to supervision and to promote public and private sector participation. It also clearly specifies the attempt to downsize the civil service system, improvement of administration including decentralization. At the sametime, Health Development Plan during the period of the implementation of the civil service system as follows: Improvement of effectiveness and access to health services Improvement of health behaviours to control and prevent diseases and promotion of health Improvement of consumers' protection relating to service and health products Immprovement of the production and development of health personnel Promotion and modification of health behaviours Conducting studies and research on health products and health technology Reform of the health administration system. Objectives of the study To compile laws, rules and regulations concerning decentralization of health administration To analyze the models and patterns of decentralization of the type of work which could be decentralized or privatized To determine the modalities, policies and approaches of administrative decentralization and deconcemtralization To study the examples and models of decentralization and obtain feedback from major stakeholders and provide policy options as well as the pros and cons. en_US
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dc.title Public health services policy analysis and development of decentralization of administration to provincial and local governments in Thailand en_US
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